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It’s Elementary To Move Over than On Progress

Towing Company Oklahoma City OK is a manufacturer of products for the towing and recovery industry. Most tow trucks have straps, cables, or winch cables manufactured and exchanged by the company. Today, I saw this video that they produced, called “It’s Easier to Run Over than to Move On” and I clearly want our customers to watch it.  We continually try to remind people of the value of the “slow down and move over” law, one that is on the records in every state and in USA.

For years Towing Company Oklahoma City OK has been creating products to help increase the visibility of those on the road along with using ads and social media to raise consciousness. This year, Bobstowinginc wanted to do more. The Bobstowinginc creative team felt they could help the public see also feel what it’s like to be on a busy roadside by putting them in the shoes of a Tower and what they might feel on any given day.

During a simple short story, we see all first responders working collectively and putting themselves in harm’s way to help an accident victim starting to end.

By concentrating on the big whooshing sound and gusts of wind as vehicles fly by at close proximity, the viewer starts to feel the stress and realization of how easily someone could be shot with one wrong step to the port.

This video demonstrates how a small courtesy provides a necessary buffer and provides a young Father and Husband to safely pay home to his family at the end of a tough workday.

This video ends on a positive note, showing how when one person moves over, it creates a “lead by standard” chain reaction where others behind the first person slow down and move over. Most of the general public is unfamiliar with basic roadside emergencies. However, it is human instinct to know and sympathize with a young couple needing to see each other home safely and that is how Bobstowinginc means to capture the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Towing Company Oklahoma City OK — A Bobstowinginc, Wis., police officer assisting a motorist with a flat tire Monday morning nearly escaped injury when another driver hit her squad car, which was held on the I-94 bridge.

Officer pinned herself along the center cement median dividing eastbound from westbound traffic to get out of the way of flying debris behind a speeding pickup slammed into her squad that was left just a few feet away, said Bobstowinginc Police.

“It could not have been further than 15 feet,” he said, figuring that he was thankful his officer did uninjured.

Lundberg had parked her squad car in the left lane of I-94 and activated her Towing Company Oklahoma City OK around 9:20 a.m. She parked about 50 feet after a vehicle with two occupants blocking the left lane and shoulder. As she called for a tow vehicle, Lundberg saw the pickup coming and braced for contact.